Terms of Use

I want to thank you for buying my product(s) and take time to read my terms of use.
It would be great to see beautiful kits or art made with my products.
For me that's the main reason I made CU/PU.

CU means Commercial Use and it can be used for it.
But you can't sell my products the way they are, this means not in the same packs and not again in packs as CU.
They must be part of a kit you designed or part of an artwork etc. then you can sell it.

When it comes to PU it means you can only use it for Personal Use.
You can make cards, albums etc for yourself, family and friends.
But never sell or share my products in any way.

Never share or give away my products away for free.

I own the full copyrights on all my selfmade CU products except the Personal Use kits!!

**For designers: If you have any questions about my designs just message me and I will answer all questions.

I always ask for permission to use images or I use images that are copyright free.
I also make pictures myself from things I make myself or outside (finally) and use them.
There is one other way I make elements and that is buying CU from other designers.
I pay for that all those years I am a designer.

So my products are safe to use!

Have fun with all my products.


Email: designedbygabrielle73@gmail.com